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We specialize in algorithm development, rigorous testing, seamless deployment, and ML compiler enhancements to optimize performance. Our expertise extends to text and image-based ML applications, offering cutting-edge solutions including chatbots, text summarization, face recognition, and video analytics. We offer services encompassing predictive maintenance for industry efficiency, ADAS solutions for enhanced automotive safety, fraud detection in finance, early disease detection in healthcare, and federated learning for privacy-centric applications, along with recommendation systems for personalized content delivery.

Pen testing

The industries that build the products for Healthcare, Government organizations, banking and finance, payment gateways (Credit/Debit card, Paytm, Gpay., etc), Educational, manufacturing, IOT based, cloud based have to double ensure the security of their user data by implementing and monitoring the firewalls, test their router configurations and the ports accessibility also needs to validate the logs these applications will generate, there may be need to perform proper code reviews through proper code scanners.

Nowadays the role of an ethical hacker is gaining more importance in the industry, any engineer who wants to become an ethical hacker should have a very good understanding of computer networking and should have attained certifications like CEH and OSCP.

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100+ man years of experience in cybersecurity testing and helped in unearthing critical vulnerabilities and ensuring that the product adheres to defined OWASP.

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160+ years of combined experience with industry leaders
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