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Business Model

Highly flexible engagement models, tailored to meet the customer project requirement and support expectations

Time & Material (T&M) Model

Mirafra Software Technologies Private Limited is a technology design services company with a high level of expertise in semiconductor design and embedded software development including applications. Founded in 2004, the company has proven expertise in ASIC/SoC design and software development end to end.

Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Model

In this model Mirafra sets up the required team based on the client project requirement. Mostly the team is located at Mirfra’s premises. If required the team can be positioned at client’s premises as well. There will be a physically separate area in Mirafra, with dedicated LAN, secured with firewall. The ODC shall be managed by Mirafra project lead and shall be responsible for all the deliverables to the client. The ODC functions as an extended arm of the client’s engineering team and shall be connected to the client network through VPN or dedicated leased line.

Turnkey Model

In this model the client outsources the end-to-end project to Mirafra. The complete responsibility and ownership of the project deliverables rests with Mirafra. In other words it is an outcome based service agreement. Mirafra shall decide the size and appropriate mix of resource required for the project. Mirafra shall commit to a pre-agreed cost and timeline for the delivery of the project, at the same time meeting the client’s QOS requirements. Mirafra shall ensure the delivery of turnkey project within the committed fixed cost and fixed timeline for the project.

Built-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

In this model, Mirafra shall take up the responsibility of setting up the facility and infrastructure for the development centre, from scratch. Mirafra shall undertake the staffing of the development center. The dedicated facility shall be staffed either by Mirafra’s own resources or by client’s resources or by resources hired specifically for the engagement or a mix of them all. Mirafra shall manage the Operations, Program Management, Development, QA, maintenance and customer support. In the transfer stage Mirafra shall register a new offshore subsidiary for the client, transfer all the assets, handover operations and establish knowledge transfer.