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Embedded Software

Optimizing for footprint, power dissipation, performance, latency for platforms based on Linux, Android, RTOS, WinCE, proprietary OS etc.


Mirafra technologies has been providing end to end services ranging from product conceptualization to conformance testing. Mirafra technologies works in all the areas of embedded software development i.e. Board bringup and BSP, Device Drivers, Protocols, Middleware, Applications on variety of Operating systems and Devices.

Networking/Datacom services

Explosive growth of data consumptions due to Smartphones and e-commerce is putting tremendous stress on the existing data networking infrastructure. Massive data consumption will continue to grow with the expansion of IoT, need for real time business analytics and more streaming of content. With the widespread acceptance of cloud infrastructure, software defined network is rapidly growing. With this, global virtual router market is expected to see dramatic growth (>100% in next one year)


Mirafra is partnering with world leaders in this segment to provide right from board bringup, diagnostics software to router, virtualizations, enabling IPv6 for their top class wired and wireless products.

Telecom Services

As the number of embedded devices that require mobile connectivity grows, telecommunications companies will be looking for opportunities to increase revenue through their core businesses such as network connectivity, sale of network equipment and devices, all of which this emerging ecosystem will require, as well as through new products and services that are enabled by these core businesses.
For telecom companies looking to expand, we expect to see a continued increase in alliances and partnerships which can help bring a variety of requisite capabilities, speed , and time-to-market.
“Cumulative $1 trillion to be spent on telecom and datacom equipment and software over next 5 years”- Infonetics Research (July 2014)


Mirafra provides end to end consulting services to customer which includes stack development, testing of the handset equipment and network nodes, cross platform migration of protocols, drivers and application, development and maintenance of 3G/ 4G nodes. Mirafra team have excellent hands on experience in protocol development and testing of 2G, 3G, CDMA and LTE stack.

Connectivity Services

“We believe that today only 1 percent of what can be connected in the world is actually connected. As an industry, it took us about 20 years to connect 1 percent of the world. And in the next ten years, we believe that number will go up dramatically. We’ll make significant progress in connecting the 99 percent that’s still unconnected. That will be people, that will be devices, and that will be a lot more information on the network.”
-Taken from interview of Padamsree Warrior with Mckinsey
With the “Internet of Things” reaching into every aspect of modern life, analysts predict the number of connected devices to reach around 5 billion by the end of this year – up 30% from 2014. By the end of the decade, that number is expected to reach nearly 40 billion, far exceeding the number of people on the planet.


Mirafra is closely working on WLAN, BT/ BLE (Bluetooth low energy) with Tier1 customer. The team has extensive experience in development, porting and testing of the connectivity solutions.

Automotive Services

While other industries, such as telecommunications or mobile phones/handsets, have already been disrupted, the automotive industry has seen very little change and consolidation so far. But it is under tremendous pressure to undergo such disruptions. Driverless cars, Electric cars are forefront in such innovations. Furies of activities are happening in the areas of ADAS, Activesafety, Sensor fusion, data analytics, artificial intelligence etc. While Tesla, Google, and Apple currently generate significant interest, we believe that they represent just the tip of the iceberg. Many more new players are likely to enter the market, especially cash-rich high-tech companies and start-ups.
Mirafra technologies is already working on the vision of many automotive players.


Mirafra technologies provide development and testing services in infotainment domain (Media, Digital Radio, Bluetooth, MOST, HMI, AUTOSAR). Validation of ECUs at component/system level.

Storage Services

If people are the heart of an organization, then the data center could be considered its brain, and maybe even its mouth. Quality storage and handling are key to an organization’s success.
The demand for storage has grown more than 50% annually in recent years, a rate faster than the rapidly decreasing unit cost of storage. If storage costs continue their rapid rise, enterprises must manage storage more efficiently if they are to exploit new forms of information such as more detailed financial data, digital images in life sciences or video in media companies. It is a daunting challenge for IT managers to combat the rising volume, cost, and complexity of storage. They must make decisions on a wide range of issues about storage architecture, design, operations and performance. Mirafra is helping its customers in development, and testing of new technologies for data storage.


Mirafra provides services for managing enterprise storage within virtualized environments; specifically, Vmware. Substantial experience with SAN and NAS technologies to include: Network File System (NFS), Fibre Channel.


To portray our enormous industry experience in this area, here are few case studies. To know more, feel free to contact us.