Physical Design, DFT, STA Signoff and Physical Verification

Expertise in place & route for block build/full chip development with timing closure using industry standard tools for tasks like Synthesis, Floor Plan, Placement, CTS, Signal Integrity, IR Draw, EM, Low Power Checks and Signoff checks. Extensive Knowledge in physical verification like DRC, LVS, Antenna, Density in latest nodes like 14nm, 10nm. Experience in DFT Techniques like Scan,
Bist, ATPG, Boundary Scan.


At Mirafra Technologies, Physical Design Service offerings are comprised of having expertise in following domains

Hierarchical/Flat level chip implementation

IO Planning/Floor-Planning/Power Planning/P&R/Metal Fills
Expertise in 14nm, 28nm and above.
Flip Chip designs with Package Level Interactions and closure.
Design Partitioning and Hardening.
DFT scan insertion and Timing closure in Functional/Test modes.

Core Hardening or block Build development

Abstract view generation and pinning.
UPF/CPF flow development.
MMMC based timing optimization.
Timing Budgeting and closure.

Die Size optimization and related scripting and automation support

Area estimation of Macros/IOs
Estimation based on Bond Pads, available logic area.

Physical Verification/DFM support for Hard Macros and full chip level

DRC/LVS/Antenna/Density checks.

Signoff timing closure with X-talk effects, OCVs and ECO’s implementation

Experience in using NLDM/CCS timing models
Timing closure for Functional/Shift/Capture modes.
X-talk noise and delay effect on timing.

Low Power Implementation for Static/Dynamic reductions

Dynamic power reductions using clock gating/Retention logic/Switch cells
Redhawk tool expertise in IR Drop analysis.
Decap/TapCells/EndCap cells/Clamp cells insertion and optimization.

Synthesis/Formal equivalence/UPF flow/CLP checks support

Flat/Hierarchical synthesis approach.
Scan chain insertion for improving testability and test coverage.

Extensive support on DFT insertion and Simulations

Extensive support in Scan, BIST, JTAG, EDT, BSC logic Insertion
ATPG fault coverage analysis.
Deep support in Mentor/Synopsys tool sets.

EDA/CAD flow & methodology support

Back-End flow development and support
System administration with LSF/EOD/Licence management/tools installation support.

Our philosophy is to become a dedicated service partner to our esteemed clients in all the above niche skills requirements on multiple projects and earn the most trusted design service partner. Our engineers are agile and possess the quality of quickly adapt the new flows and methodology to deliver quality results.

Design Implementation

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Library and Flow Development

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IC Packaging Co Design

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