Testing: from regression to certification, from manual testing to fully automated test suite creation, Security: Implementation and testing for security features for IoT, Network and cloud based applications, Platform: Bare metal board bringup, kernel porting and optimization


The customer needed to improve their time-to-market and cost-effectiveness in the area of QA and testing services. Mirafra has the the following objectives in these areas.
Reduce QA cost and increase profits by adopting various technologies such as Agile.
Domain and testing expertise with Center of Excellence.
As time-to-market requirements shorten, many organizations are adopting agile development methods especially for new business development projects. With the increased adoption of agile, testing has to support faster software development life cycles and avoid becoming a bottleneck, slowing down the software releases. Mirafra provides a range of end-to-end testing services to help organizations make a seamless transition to an agile environment.



Platform Testing   Digital and Mobility Testing   Product Engineering Testing   Enterprise Testing   Automotive Testing

Platform Services

The electronics industry is moving into a new era in which the primary product differentiation comes from software applications—and design tools and methodologies must adapt. Chip development companies must increasingly provide hardware/software platforms ready for applications deployment, and to do so in a cost-effective manner, they need a suite of integrated, concurrent hardware/software development platforms. So far, existing solutions have been proprietary, fragmented, and non-scalable, with migration between platforms often taking months. As a result, 50 percent of the overall development time can be spent in system integration and bring-up.
The use of platforms as a basis of software development has been a key strategy in every segment of the computer industry—from mainframes and minicomputers to PCs and tablets. Software platforms are also the basis for smartphones and became the key factor giving smartphone leadership to Apple and Google Android. Software platforms are also growing in importance in the auto industry and are especially important for infotainment.
Mirfra’s Embedded Platform Engineering services span hardware/board design and overall system design, BSP/device driver development and operating system bring-up. This offering along with other Mirafra offerings such as silicon design, validation and verification and connectivity create a very powerful combination and this can greatly reduce time-to-market and product development costs.



Platform bring up   Legacy code maintenance and migration
BSP support across multiple operating systems   Platform diagnostic test suite
Core and peripheral drivers design and development   Power management


These days the the software systems are increasingly exposed to sophisticated malicious attacks that exploit inherent vulnerabilities within application, database and infrastructure software. In-house development teams are often faced with stringent delivery timelines and they either overlook or lack the expertise to address software security issues, leaving systems vulnerable to malicious exploits.
With an increasing number of IoT devices, there is a critical need to protect these systems from attacks. Mirafra helps to secure these devices, including smart thermostats, home automation devices, TVs, smart appliances, medical devices, routers, and car ‘infotainment’ systems.
Mirafra Software Security practice focuses on on identifying security bugs and design flaws across the software development life cycle.Mirafra also help clients with validation, developer training, and the identification of the root causes to prevent vulnerabilities from reemerging.


IoT Security   Network Security   Cloud security

Program and Project Management Office

PMO is the planning, organizing and controlling of resources and manpower to achieve a desired outcome or a specific goal. Anything that involves a defined beginning and an end and is usually time and money constrained is called a project, and to ensure the smooth delivery of this project you need PMO to follow basic project management principles,The responsibilities of the PMO can range from providing project management support functions to being responsible for the direct management of a project.

PMO Services

Basic Support Services

Administrative support for project managers
Collating and reporting project status to senior management
Providing standards,methodologies and a set of PM tools
Managing project documentation
Promoting project management within the organization

Advanced Services

Providing estimating, scheduling and risk management expertise to PMs
Coordinating plans between projects and monitoring resource use
Monitoring and reviewing project performance
Implementing and operating a project information system and/or scorecard
Quality monitoring and enforcement of standard


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