Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services division @Mirafra offers quality services in the areas of:

Infrastructure: Cloud engineering, migration, automation
Data Engineering: Acquistion, life cycle management, governance & security
Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive
AI/ML: Algorithm development, testing, deployment, ML compiler enhancements & testing


Applied ML techniques in the field of education, Medical applications
10, 000 hours of training imparted to workforce
Talent acquisition from IITs & Tier 1 product companies
Attrition less than 5% per annum


Big Data Engineering:

  • Infrastructural design & implementation
    • Architecture & Design
    • Build Big Data Solutions
    • Data Lake
    • DW/Datamart
    • Cluster Setup – On Prem, Cloud and Hybrid
    • Big Data Applications
  • Data Lifecycle Management Services
    • ETL, Data Pipelines & ELT
    • Data Management – SQL & NO SQL
    • Data Governance
    • Master Data Management
    • Metadata Management
    • Migrations & Upgrades – Applications, Database
    • Cloud – Migration & Onboarding

    Data Quality & Security Services:

    • Big Data Testing
    • Big Data Security

    Analytics Services:

    Descriptive analytical services in project management, resource management, utilization etc.
    Reporting & Visualization services using state of the art reporting tools
    Web & Marketing Analytical services using state of the art frameworks


     ML applications development
     Timing closure for Functional/Shift/Capture modes.
     Development and adaptation of latest concepts like federated learning models
     Predictive analytical services like quality prediction, forecasting
    Services in developing apps that employ speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing

    Cloud Engineering services:

    • Solutions Architecting
      • design & deploy apps that are scalabe, highly available, fault tolerant & reliable
      • Select appropriate cloud services to suit the app requirements
      • Migration to cloud platforms
      • DW/DatamartImplementing cost-control strategies
    • Development/Deployment
      • Develop/Deploy/Debug Cloud applications
      • APIs, SDKs, CLI, Lambda programming, etc.
      • Developing serverless applications
    • System Maintenance
      • CI/CD, containerization, etc.
      • deploy and maintain scalable, fault-tolerant systems
      • Ability to select the required compute/security services from a cloud vendor
      •  Manage operating costs
      • Migrate from On-Prem to Cloud or vice versa


    • OpenKBP – 2020 AAPM Grand Challenge: Rank: 21 (out of 249 participants)
    • Topic: Prediction of clinical quality dose distribution
    • The Challenge:

    Competitors will predict a clinical quality dose distribution for a patient given only a contoured CT image. The challenge is divided into two streams:

    • The 3D Stream where full 3D dose distributions are evaluated.
    • The Dose-Volume Histogram (DVH) Stream where only DVH metrics are evaluated
    • ISBI 2019: Rank: 15 (out of 150 participants)
    • Classification of Normal vs Malignant Cells in B-ALL White Blood Cancer Microscopic Image

    Projects in ML

    Recommendation Engine: Story recommendation for kids (
    HR Analytics: Resume matching to requirement
    Semiconductor Design & Manufacturing: Failure rate prediction for wafer design
    HR Analytics: Banking and Finance: Credit default risk (assessment of risk of loan default)
    Wine Industry: Wine quality prediction based on sensory data
    Chatbots: For Airline reservation system
    Data security in ML: Federated learning to protect personal data



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