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RTL Design, Verification and GLS

Mirafra provides solutions to some of the biggest names in the global semiconductor industry in the areas of Design, Verification, GLS, SystemC & AMS.

“Mirafra engineer is committed, dedicated, hardworking, timely in delivery, has greater sense of ownership, good problem solving skills, risk assessment and mitigation skills. He is appreciated for his attitude in taking criticism constructively and excelling in the task assigned.”
Senior Manager, US based Semiconductor Company


Physical Design Signoff, DFT and PV

At Mirafra Technologies, Physical Design Service offerings are comprised of having expertise in following domains

“I would like to convey my recognition to Mirafra’s team members who has done an excellent job in holding onto a critical milestone. He quickly hogged onto new controller verification under extremely critical situation and executed flawlessly by debugging and fixing the issues diligently”
Director, US based Semiconductor Company


PSV, FPGA Design and Emulation

Mirafra has a team of high quality engineers in the areas of FPGA Design, Prototyping & Emulation as well as a large technically-proven team in PSV.

“Mirafra has an exceptional team that owned and delivered our complex verification needs. We are very pleased with the quality of their work and the dedication shown by their team. We will not hesitate to use their services for our future verification needs.”
VP Engineering, Global Semiconductor Company


AMS & Std. Cell, Memory & IO Layouts

Our team has in-depth expertise on variety of IPs such as SerDes (10, 16, 30 & 56 Gbps), DDRphy, USB 2.0, MIPIphy and Power management.

“Mirafra engineer had a significant contribution in test automation and had helped us in winning our customer’s confidence in a very short period that lead to winning more projects in providing Test Automation solutions”
Program Manager, Leading networking company


Embedded Software

Explosive growth of data consumptions due to Smartphones and e-commerce is putting tremendous stress on the existing data networking infrastructure.

“I take this opportunity to appreciate Mirafra’s team member for being a team player and demonstrating leadership qualities. His keenness in taking ownership and putting in hard work and smartness in execution sets them apart from others”
Director, Top Semiconductor Company


Enterprise Application SW

Enterprise application world is rapidly moving towards SaaS. Main driver for this is the ease in accessing enterprise data from various devices.

“It was a seamless experience and a joy to see the Mirafra’s team so well aligned to our societal goals.Turn around time was excellent and thought process that the management team brings to the table is a great value-add. We are extremely happy with our partnership and moved our support ...
Digital Head, leading not for profit Book publishing company



Internet of things is all about networking of physical object with sensors collecting information and connected to the internet.

“Mirafra engineer's valuable contributions towards setting up CI activities and extra commitment towards the meeting deadline from the day one, which lead to winning customer confidence. He is highly proactive and goal oriented, is an asset to any team.”
Senior Engineering Manager, Leading FPGA company


Testing, Security & Platform

The electronics industry is moving into a new era in which the primary product differentiation comes from softwares.

“Mirafra team has demonstrated high degree of ownership and dedication in their deliveries. I am pleased with their smart execution capabilities and hardworking nature. The team had displayed utmost transparency in sharing knowledge in their forte of expertise which has converged as successful execution of the team as a whole”
Senior Manager, US based Semiconductor Company


Mirafra’s commitment to innovation and efficiency has resulted in the company forging rich and enduring relationships
with leading Fortune 500 companies.


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